Beauty related to success

Beauty related to success

Beauty a unique characteristic of some persons, object or animal that provides visual satisfaction. It is studied as a part of sociology, social psychology and culture. Beauty is objective, and often depends on an observer’s culture and beliefs, so it is said that there is no point discussing beauty.

There is evidence that the definition of beauty is determined by evolution. People often consider something to be beautiful if it has a certain purpose for them. For example, a beautiful landscape is nature where you can find water and food, beautiful person is someone with whom you want to reproduce. Psychological definition is that we consider people beautiful if their face remind us on babies or there are no genetic defects.

In the history, more accurately in the pre-Socratic period, philosophers defined beauty as object proportion. They noticed that object or people who are more proportioned, are usually considered as beautiful. Their buildings from that period are made using this view. Also, in that period, beauty was often used by other people. For example, beautiful slaves were used in prostitution or used for manipulation of other, important people.

Today beauty is even more important. Many studies have shown that beauty has a huge effect on life. So, more attractive student often has higher grades, than ‘’ordinary’’ students. The more beautiful criminal has less chance to be convicted than an ordinary person. If you think that beauty doesn’t have anything related to success, you are wrong.

Some studies have shown that beautiful people have higher earning, even 5%-10% higher. Have you ever considered why movies with beautiful actress and actors are more popular? On the other side, people without this characteristic, have bigger chance to be involved in criminal actions, starting from burglary and theft.



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