Beauty products you must avoid

Beauty products you must avoid

You want to look prettier, so you use beauty products. Although, they are widely spread, there are some of them that aren’t very good. Every beauty product contains certain chemicals. Some of them are harmful and can get into your bloodstream and build up toxicity after some time.

  • Some perfumes may contain 14 secret ingredients. Thanks to the loophole in the Federal Fair Packaging and Labeling Act (1973), perfume brands aren’t obligated to list them. Some of those chemicals may cause an allergic reaction or hormone disruption. The solution is to use perfumes made from essential oils.
  • Henna hair products contain metallic salts. They are used as pigmentation lurking. If you already dyed your hair with a henna hair dye, you must wait a year or two before you can re-dye your hair with some product that contains hydrogen peroxide. Take a hair from your hairbrush and test it to the metallic salts.
  • Longtime hair dye isn’t good. Several studies proved that this type of hair dye is linked to multiple myeloma, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and bladder cancer. According to one study, rodents who were fed with compounds from this dye, had a higher risk of developing cancer, than rodents who were not fed. The much better choice is to use tea to cover up gray and lemon juice for lightening.
  • Almost 50% of the sun creams contain retinyl palmitate (vitamin A palmitate). Several studies link this compound with skin cancer when it is exposed to the sunlight. An animal form of vitamin A (retinol) is used in night creams because it shouldn’t get in touch with sunlight. Use sun creams that don't contain: oxybenzone or vitamin A palmitate.




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