Your Eyes Give Away A Large Part Of Your Beauty, So Do Take Adequate Care Of Them

Your Eyes Give Away A Large Part Of Your Beauty, So Do Take Adequate Care Of Them

Your eyes say a lot about you even as they are quiet. But they require some special attention, because they are your precious windows to the world. The eyes go a long way in telling the age of the person.

And the good news is that with advancements and developments in science and cosmetology, you have new and better ways to make them look young and attractive. The eyes are an inherent part of your face, so they require as much care and attention as any other part. 

They have been compared to being windows of the soul in poetry, but actually, they are a window to you. So, do your best to take good care of them.

Several lifestyle factors are responsible for the dullness, fatigue or dark-circles that are commonly seen below eyes. The white area of the eyes may appear to be pink or may assume a shade of the red  colour if you are in the habit of cutting back on sleep quite often.

The eyes are the first give-away signs of an inadequate sleep. They are the first to show signs of consumption of alcohol too.

If you happen to study things in an inadequate light or tend to hold a book to close to your eyes for comfort, you are likely to develop red eyes. The ideal distance of 10 inches should be maintained between your eye and the book or reading material.

Constant use of make-up or contact-lenses is going to affect the health of your eyes in a negative manner. If you use too much makeup, you run the risk of damaging the skin below and around your eyes.



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